71 Elevated Cycling Photos

All Glory and Honor is Yours!

FORZA Forever!

The bicycle is an instrument of exaltation in life, and a bike ride lifts the spirit, emancipates the soul and cures many ills.

The cycling pictures in our photo gallery represent the soul and spirit of the 719 Ride. They desire to entice you and embolden you.

They mean to call to the hero inside you, to invigorate your heart for fun and show that riding bikes in our FESTIVAL OF NEVER-ENDING ASCENDING can be and is done by:

Cyclists of all stripes — kids, paralympians, Special Olympians, mountain bikers, men on fat bikes, young women and mature couples, septuagenarians, cyclists of the triathlon variety, the recumbent variety and even the penny farthing variety.

We believe a bicycle event should be approachable by all and challenging to all.

For some wheeled participants, the 719 Ride is their first ever organized “bike race.” For others, it’s a training for another event or a break from bicycle racing.

Whether the challenge is to get faster or go farther, to take a stab at one lap, have a go at finishing five laps, our signature event, or knock oneself out with 10, we believe we are that event. We have a distance, challenge and route for everyone.

The cycling images in our photo gallery are just a few of the free images we’ve given to past participants of our ELEVATION CELEBRATION. They show that fatigue is beautiful, elevation is heroic and road cycling is a worthy pursuit. All elements of our ethos.

When you register for the 719 Ride, we GIVE you the photographs we take on The Course That Cannot Be Defeated. They aren’t stock photos. They’re photos of you, cyclists of all shapes and sizes riding bicycles of all types in our Celebration of Elevation.

719 Ride cycling photography includes hundreds of great photos of everyday cyclists riding bicycles uphill on road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, tandems, recumbents...tutte le cose.

Free images to participants is one way we show THIS RIDE IS DIFFERENT and you get MORE for LESS when you throw yourself uphill on the horse von Draise built.

Free photos, eminently affordable registration pricing and an unwavering and relentless course make the 719 Ride a beautiful thing.

A Colorado Springs Original

First conceived and ridden in 2016, the 719 Ride aspires to be a bicycle event that contributes to the culture and community of Colorado Springs. FORZA Colorado Springs!

Riding in the draft of many great and long-established Colorado cycling events, this Colorado Springs Original hopes to become a positive part of the Colorado Springs tradition and identity while celebrating the tradition, lore and culture of cycling and helping set the pace for cycling fun in the Rocky Mountain region.

The 719 Ride is the official cycling event of the Rocky Mountain State Games and is an official partner event in the 2024 Suarez Gran Fondo National Series and 2024 Gran Fondo World Tour.

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