Road cyclists climbing a hill in the 719 Ride

Amazing Strength: A Cycling Hymn

"Amazing Strength" is a cycling hymn first published on Instagram in 2020, with words written by The Course That Cannot Be Defeated, a relentless, unwavering route without end.

Writing solely to praise itself, The Course That Cannot Be Defeated drew upon a truth that entices, motivates, and compels many cyclists:

Difficult and challenging cycling events are simultaneously exhausting, humbling, glorious, beautifully rewarding and worth doing

This "sufferfest mentality" is what has popularized the fiendishly simple concept of Everesting, as well as the many successful Colorado cycling events, centuries, gran fondos and races. Events such as the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb, the Triple Bypass, the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, and the Broadmoor Cycle to the Summit.

This mentality is also what makes cycling events that are super-crazy-challenging AND wicked good.

"Glorious pain" drives many cyclists to dream big, shave grams, pursue watts, push themselves and achieve. It also lures cyclists from near and far to events here, there and everywhere.

The 719 Ride in Colorado Springs is a fun, fantastic sufferfest made possible by the hubris of The Course That Cannot Be Defeated. Hubris that is now memorialized in song.

Sing it with power. Sing it with soulful energy. Sing it with FORZA. Sing it like Leann Rimes.

Lyrics to Amazing Strength

Amazing strength how sweet the sense
Of climbing hills with ease
Legs that once turned, now need more gears
Were spry but now lack speed

'Twas hills that brought those legs to me
With miles they did prepare
How fresh and strong their quads appeared
The hour they first were freed

Through many climbs both long and steep
They have already come
'Twas pace that kept them safe thus far
And pace can lead them home

When five laps feel like years and years
It's hard to brightly shine
There will be days filled with praise
Once they're finished and done

Amazing grace how sweet the ground
That caught them as they fell
They rode me once, then vowed I'm done
They're blind, and we'll soon see

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