About the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

and the 719 Ride

The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour
is July 18-19, 2020

You can reach the official Colorado Courage Classic website by clicking on any one of the heart or mountain pass icons below.

But if you keep reading, we'll introduce you to the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour benefitting Children’s Hospital Colorado and another ride, the 719 Ride.

The Courage Classic and the 719 Ride are different types of rides, but both provide much joy and elevation gain to all who participate. The rides typically occur within a week of one another, sometimes on the same weekend depending on how the dates fall on the calendar.

The Skinny on the Courage Classic and the 719 Ride

yellow healthy heart iconThe Courage Classic Bicycle Tour is a two-day event in Summit County, Colorado that raises funds for Children’s Hospital Colorado, "the region’s only all-inclusive, nonprofit pediatric hospital." The event is held on the third weekend of July, and each day’s ride begins and ends at Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

The 719 Ride is always held on July 19, regardless of which day of the week that is.

The Courage Classic and the 719 Ride typically occur within a week of one another, sometimes on the same weekend depending on how the calendar arranges itself.

In 2019, July 19 fell one day before the start of the Courage Classic making the 719 Ride a great mileage and climbing add-on for the weekend.

The Courage Classic offers three distance options each day.

Day One: a 10-mile family ride, Vail Pass (40 miles) and the Copper Triangle (77 miles)
Day Two: a 24-mile family ride, Keystone Loop (41 miles) and Ute Pass (81 miles)

yellow mountain iconThe 719 Ride is a 14-mile loop course. Participants ride as many laps as their schedules or their legs allow. Each lap has 1,836’ of elevation gain. Two laps of the 719 Ride course is the Déjà Vu 719, one lap followed by one lap all over again. Three laps is the Trinity 719, and four laps is the Groundhog 719; it's the same thing all four laps.

The signature distance of 71.9 miles (I Cinque Giri) is five laps and racks up 9,500’ climbing. Longer ride options are also available.

Mile for mile the 719 Ride is as challenging as any organized ride in Colorado.

yellow healthy heart iconThe Courage Classic registration fee for adults is $95 before April 30, increasing to $145 after July 1. The fee provides riders a daily breakfast, lunch on the course on Saturday and BBQ at the finish on Sunday, fully stocked aid stations every 8 to 15 miles, SAG support, medical and mechanical aid, a Courage Classic t-shirt and a sponsor expo.

In addition to the registration fee each rider agrees to raise a minimum of $300.

The 719 Ride doesn’t have a registration fee, on-course-support or swag. It’s also not a charity fundraising ride. However, donating $7.19 (or more) to a Colorado Springs charity on the occasion of the 719 Ride is considered pretty cool.

The 719 Ride is an unsponsored, unmarked, self-supported, ride at your own risk, obey all traffic laws, assume all liability and responsibility for your actions, word-of-mouth group bike ride that's full of 9,500' of awesomeness offered at no charge.

yellow mountain iconNow that you what you need to know about the Courage Classic, have a great time supporting "the pediatric healthcare excellence" Children’s Hospital Colorado provides to hundreds of thousands of infants, kids, and teens each year. AND come out and ride the 719 on July 19.

The 719 Ride is a young ride looking for riders. First conceived and ridden in 2016, the aspirational side of the 719 Ride is to create a bicycle event that contributes to the culture, community and multi-layered identity developing in Colorado Springs. The 719 Ride hopes to ride in the draft of the many existing and long-established Colorado cycling events and become a positive part of the Colorado Springs tradition and identity.

If you are only going to do one bike event this year,

Then I urge you to participate in the 719 Ride on the west side of Colorado Springs. It has miles and miles of climbing the same loop over and over again. A total brain meltdown is required to go the distance. The experience is absolutely stunning, and I recommend it 100%.

- Ottavio Severo

Quoted text is taken from childrenscoloradofoundation.org.

The heart beat icon courtesy of Samy Menai from the Noun Project.
The yellow mountain icon courtesy of Franco Mateo from the Noun Project.