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What Have Past Riders Said about the 719 Ride?

"I have lived in COS for 23 years and have been an active runner and cyclist and can say this is one of the better events around. I love how it's truly community driven but still offers guys like myself a chance to rip some fast laps."
— Cody Hill, SRM PowerMeters

"As far as I'm concerned, the 719 Ride is the ultimate event around."
— Al Marshall, 6X I Cinque Giri Finisher (2018-2023)

"I have done the Triple Bypass, Copper Triangle, Mt. Evans Hill Climb, Elephant Rock, and Pikes Peak. 719 Ride is Number One!"
— Mark Ayers, 2020 I Cinque Giri Finisher

"The most well organized, best signaged, friendliest ride I've done in CO - and I've done lots and lots of road cycle events over 40yrs in CO."
— 2023 event participant, Name withheld by request

Pedal the springs Podcast

Episode 12 of the Pedal the Springs podcast aired May 24, 2022 and answered the most pressing questions about the FESTIVAL OF NEVER-ENDING ASCENDING. Guests included the originator and imagineer of the 719 Ride along with two past participants.