Jimmy Clere rides a fat bike up a climb in the 2022 719 Ride

Pedal the Springs Podcast + 719 Ride

It's Worth a Listen

Torie Giffin, self-appointed ambassador for cycling in Colorado Springs, founder and owner of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, past organizer of the Colorado Springs Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes, staunch supporter of the 719 Ride, human extraordinaire AND host of the Pedal the Springs cycling podcast graciously dedicated an episode of the Pedal the Springs podcast to all things 719 Ride.

Episode 12 of the Pedal the Springs podcast aired May 24, 2022 and revealed:

  • What the 719 Ride is about.
  • How the 719 Ride came to be.
  • What the essence of the 719 Ride is.
  • How the 719 Ride route was chosen and The Course That Cannot Be Defeated was born.
  • What the appeal of the 719 Ride is.
  • How the 719 Ride became the official cycling event of the 2022 Rocky Mountain State Games.
  • What the future may hold for the 719 Ride.
  • Why a non-passionate rider of bikes might want to do the event.

Guests of the Pod:

  • Chris Giovagnoni, Originator and  Imagineer of the 719 Ride
  • Shelbi Lowery, Event Coordinator Colorado Springs Sports Corp
  • Jimmy Clere, 719 Ride participant [featured in the photo above]
  • Patrick Flowers, 719 Ride participant

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