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Ride As Many Laps As you Want, With the Luxury You Desire.

While You Yearn for Event Day to Arrive, Enjoy a Virtual 719 Ride On Zwift or iFIT

Custom 719 Ride Workouts for Zwift

Ride The Course That Cannot Be Defeated in your favorite Zwift virtual world. Mimic the effort levels and climb durations needed to complete a lap of Il Corso Imbattibile in 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Each Zwift workout is available with and without commentary from the fictional inspiration of the 719 Ride, Ottavio Severo.

The 719 Ride iFIT Workout

To join iFIT trainer Richard Biglia as he tackles The Course That Cannot Be Defeated during the 2022 719 Ride, enter 719 Ride into the search field of your iFIT app when browsing the workout library.