Volunteers Wanted

You're Wanted!

Volunteers Make Glory and Honor Possible

Do We Need Volunteers? Can I Volunteer to Help?

OH YES! And thanks for asking.

We would love to have you help bring the 719 Ride to life this year.

If you have a skill you want to apply for our benefit (e.g., medical, graphic design, accounting, photography, assembling stuff, sorting, packing, social media, schmoozing, nunchuk, anything at all), or you want to exert yourself in service to our cyclists on the day of the event, tell us who you are, how to contact you and what you're interested in, and we'll put you to work for the glory and honor of our participants and the good of all of cycling. Mille grazie.

    What is your name?

    How can we get in touch with you?



    What are you interested in helping with? What would you like more information about?



    If you are flexible, check everything you are willing to help with and we will plug you in where your help is needed the most!

    I'm not interested in any of that stuff, but I do want to help and I have these mad skillz and/or this crazy idea.

    A Colorado Springs Original

    First conceived and ridden in 2016, the 719 Ride aspires to be a bicycle event that contributes to the culture and community of Colorado Springs. FORZA Colorado Springs!

    The 719 Ride is a Colorado Springs Original riding in the draft of many great and long-established Colorado cycling events. It hopes to become a positive part of the Colorado Springs tradition and identity while celebrating the tradition, lore and culture of cycling and helping set the pace for cycling fun in the Rocky Mountain region.