Train With a Cycling Coach

Colorado Springs Cycling Coaches That Know the 719 Ride

While quite demanding, the 719 Ride is also a doable challenge for any body, any fitness level and anyone whose spirits are lifted when riding a bike. This is even more true when you have the assistance of a coach.

Whether you're wanting to get faster or go farther, need a training plan to take a stab at a Déjà Vu 719, have a go at finishing five laps, our signature event, or knock oneself out in 10 laps, the coaches on this page know the 719 Ride and know their stuff.

Choose your adventure. Choose your course. And choose your cycling coach.

Create your own cycling bliss. Then put some FORZA on your body, and get ready to succeed in July.

All About Endurance

Larry DeWitt is a life time athlete who knows what it's like to train and compete while having a life, and his training programs and workouts reflect it. He coaches athletes across the entire athletic spectrum, from beginners to expert racers.

He's a 2x Leadman Champion, winner of several marathons and the masters champion of numerous 100 mile mountain bike races. He's also repeat participant of the 719 Ride.

Larry knows what it takes to get you to the next level.

Matheny Endurance

Daniel Matheny provides custom training plans and performance services for ALL athletes intent on aspiring to something higher.

A USA Cycling Level 1 Elite Coach, UCI Director Sportif and National Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Daniel trains multiple athletes in multiple sports and cycling disciplines, including running, triathlon, paddle, motorsports, mountain biking, gravel racing, cyclocross, enduro, road cycling, and ultra endurance.

With numerous podiums in his palmarès, Daniel’s coaching programs focus on improving performance through dynamic coaching, skills clinics, camps, metabolic testing, event specific training plans and modules, wellness and nutrition consulting, bike fits and race tactics.

PurEnergy Performance

With over 20 years experience, Nick Gould is a dedicated and experienced personal trainer and coach. He also happens to be the 2022 Premier of Rossmere (i.e., the 719 Ride King of the Mountain).

Nick offers coaching for every level of cyclist. From the enthusiast to the competitor, Nick's personal approach includes skills training, attention to heart rate and functional threshold power (FTP), on- and off-season fitness and detailed planning and training tips to optimize your efforts, bring you to a new level of performance and reach your cycling goals.

For Additional Cycling Training Fun Enjoy 719 Ride Workouts on Zwift and iFIT

Custom 719 Ride Workouts for Zwift

Ride The Course That Cannot Be Defeated in your favorite Zwift virtual world. Mimic the effort levels and climb durations needed to complete a lap of Il Corso Imbattibile in 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Each Zwift workout is available with and without commentary from the fictional inspiration of the 719 Ride, Ottavio Severo.

The 719 Ride iFIT Workout

To join iFIT trainer Richard Biglia as he tackles The Course That Cannot Be Defeated during the 2022 719 Ride, enter 719 Ride into the search field of your iFIT app when browsing the workout library.