FREE Structured Cycling Training Plans

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Go Faster and Go Farther with a Structured Training Plan

Structured training plans transform dreams and desire into action. They optimize your time and effort and convert them into fitness and performance. They make cycling goals happen and all your dreams come true.

If you're a new cyclist or first time participant of the 719 Ride who wants to feel confident and comfortable about all the elevation gain you’ll have to stomach on The Course That Cannot Be Defeated, a structured cycling training plan will prepare you for the glory you seek.

And if you’re a past participant of the 719 Ride who wants to go faster or go farther, a structured cycling plan is your huckleberry too.

Prepare for the 719 Ride with this introductory training plan to build your base cycling fitness

We’ve teamed up with Daniel Matheny, Head Coach at Matheny Endurance in Colorado Springs, to provide you a FREE cycling training plan geared to elevating your cycling experience at the 719 Ride or wherever your bicycle takes you. Use the promo code 719SPECIAL at checkout to get the plan for free.

This structured cycling training plan will provide the initial ingredients needed to improve your endurance, strength, power and event day satisfaction. It will help turn fear and uncertainty to confidence because you're doing something with purpose. It'll make hard easy by redefining hard.

"What is training but making pain seem routine? You work the body, yes, but the real point of training is to accustom the mind to endure discomfort: to know it, recognise it, lose your fear of it, tolerate it and even, finally, to learn to like it." — Matt Seaton, author of On Your Bike! The Complete Guide to Cycling

The training sessions in this base plan focus on:

  • Fast pedaling activities and cadence work to develop more efficient pedaling mechanics.
  • Aerobic endurance work to increase muscle fiber size and strength, heart stroke volume and fat burning.
  • Faster aerobic tempo work to get your muscles to deliver more power for longer durations.
  • Forceful muscle tension work to develop the cycling specific strength necessary to deliver big power quickly.

Doing the workouts outside on the road is possible, but for the best results and best use of your time, complete them indoors on your turbo trainer and cast aside any worries about traffic, lights, weather, fading daylight and the absence of the "perfect" terrain.

Download the 719 Ride Base Training Plan

This plan is ideal for a first dip into structured training, getting back into cycling shape and establishing a fitness base to build upon.

The workouts aren't designed to be overly intense. They offer a healthy initial mix to prepare you for more advanced training and loads.

Use the promo code 719SPECIAL to get the training plan for free.

More Training Plans Coming in the Next few months

They'll be free too!

Future plans will build on the aerobic base training plan and will specifically help you enjoy climbing more because you'll climb faster and/or more comfortably.

About Your Training plan creator

Daniel Matheny provides custom cycling training plans and performance services for cyclists of ALL skills, experience and aspiration.

From the elite level athlete to the person questioning whether he or she is an athlete at all, Daniel elevates all his clients to new heights of accomplishment. He's like the 719 Ride of cycling coaches.

For Additional Cycling Training Fun Tackle the 719 Ride in Zwift

Take the 719 Ride to Zwift

Mimic the effort levels and climb durations needed to complete a lap of The Course That Cannot Be Defeated in 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes, while in your favorite Zwift virtual world.

Each Zwift workout is available with and without commentary from the fictional inspiration of the 719 Ride, Ottavio Severo.