Il Cappello 719

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The 719 Ride cycling cap made by Primal is inspired by 1980s Molteni cycling caps and the vintage Molteni styling that birthed the 719 Ride jersey. Il Cappello 719 carries over much of the meaning from La Maglia 719.

The five colored stripes play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion and represent the five laps of the signature ride, I Cinque Giri. The five stars on the left of the cap also represent the five laps you need to complete.

The initials on the right side of the cap (O.S.) are for Ottavio, and the mark on the bill should be clear.

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Cyclists began wearing hats as far back as 1868, when Ottavio, the fictional inspiration for the 719 Ride, began racing. But the classic cycling cap style began to emerge in the 1920s when racing teams adopted the simple, yet colorful jersey designs synonymous with the great names in cycling.

A yellow “casquette” appeared in the Tour de France in 1955, and by the 1970s caps, casquettes, and cappelli adorned the heads of many fans.