La Maglia 719


The 719 Ride jersey made by Pactimo is inspired by the simple designs and classic cycling style of the 1920s to mid-1970s.

The orange color and black band are taken from the iconic Molteni jersey most associated with Eddy Mercxx.

The five colored stripes on the collar play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion and represent the five laps of the signature ride, I Cinque Giri. The number on the collar (71.9) declares the signature ride’s distance.

The five stripes circling the torso represent you, returning whence you began…five times.

The five chain rings on the back jersey pockets and the five stars on the left sleeve also represent the five laps you need to complete to get 71.9 miles. Together they connect to the cog and star in the Italian national emblem, where Ottavio, the fictional inspiration for the ride, was born.

The number inside the last chain ring (7/19) calls out the date of the ride — July 19, every year.

The initials on the right sleeve (O.S.) are for Ottavio, and FORZA is what you need to complete the 719 Ride.

Aero fit jerseys will be available for delivery in mid-to-late August.

Jersey fit comparison videos: men’s and womens

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