719 Ride Poster by Hannah Unger


Evoking the look and feel of classic cycling posters, this first edition 13″x19″ 719 Ride poster created by Colorado Springs graphic designer Hannah Unger celebrates and honors your time on The Course That Cannot be Defeated.

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From the perspective of a bike finishing a lap of the 719 Ride route, Hannah communicates readiness to take another turn and go another round with Il Corso Imbattibile.

The bike’s retro silhouette, emblazoned with COS for Colorado Springs and for Colombo Ottavio Severo, unites the 719 Ride ethos with its fictionalized past.

Garden of the Gods Park appears in Hannah’s design as in real life, just down the way from The Course That Cannot Be Defeated. And the 719 Ride logo, placed at the top of Pikes Peak, salutes Ottavio and his dream to establish a race to the top of Zebulon’s Mountain.

The five stars combined with the five stripes unite the poster with the 719 Ride cycling jersey. The stars, brought over from the jersey’s sleeve, represent the five laps of the signature ride, and the stripes, carried over from the jersey’s collar, play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion.

Finally, the presentation of FORZA, the Italian word for power, communicates speed in motion, which is only possible in the late laps of the 719 Ride if your difference makers have any power left in them.

The poster is printed on 111 pound card stock for durability and has a glossy finish.