ColoRide Springs


Promote the cycling identity of Colorado Springs and our homegrown cycling event with enthusiasm and style.

Colorado Springs contains all the necessary bicycling elements to quicken the pulse, invigorate the legs, multiply the corpuscles of the blood and exhilarate the mind.

  • Year-round cycling weather with life giving sunshine and dry “thin” air.
  • A history and commitment to bicycle recreation and competition.
  • Unparalleled training grounds including challenging up-angled terrain, extensive singletrack and an expansive network of urban and soft-surface trails with 100 miles of on-street bicycle routes, nearly 120 miles of paved urban bike paths and more than 60 miles of mountain bike trails.

The result is ColoRide Springs, a city of spectacular natural beauty with an enthusiastic, active and vibrant bicycling community and a government supportive of bicycles. ColoRide Springs is simply a great place to ride a bike. Let the world know it.

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