DIY 719 Shroud of Determination


A DIY 719 is a do-it-yourself version of the 719 Ride, and the DIY 719 Shroud of Determination made by Pactimo is an extension of the colors and styling of the original 719 Ride jersey.

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Primarily black, The Shroud of Determination mourns the loss of comfort and well-being forfeited by the DIYer. The three colored stripes on the torso play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion and honor the champion inside the DIYer.

The initials on the collar (O.S.) remember Ottavio, the inspiration behind the 719 Ride, and a man who literally, but fictionally, gave his life to cycling. The back of the collar proclaims the strength and power of the DIYer — FORZA-FUELED.

The white stars on the left sleeve represent the ghostly pallor of the successful DIYer and the colored stars on the right sleeve represent the sun (yellow) and sky (light blue) we DIY under, and the energy, determination and strength (orange) needed to successfully DIY. There are five stars on each sleeve in homage to the 719 Ride jersey.