Orange Glorious Cycling Jersey


Wearing the Orange Glorious cycling jersey honors the glory of your experience on The Course That Cannot Be Defeated. It is a distinctive accomplishment that reflects great credit upon you. Wear your orange proudly!

The Orange Glorious is offered through Primal as the standard fit Sport Cut jersey with an upgrade to their Q3 Elite fabric for a slight weight reduction and additional aesthetic appeal.

If your preferred size is out of stock and you would like to know when it will available again, or if you have other questions, please send an email to

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The Orange Glorious cycling jersey made by Primal is designed to be enduringly fresh and to complement the classic styling of the original 719 Ride jersey, La Maglia 719.

Inspired by the signature styling and simplicity of the Rapha country jerseys celebrating the 1970 World Championships, the Orange Glorious continues the 719 Ride tradition of respecting, recognizing and esteeming the history of cycling.

The glorious orange torso unites the jersey with the original 719 Ride jersey, while the white sleeves distinguish it and nurture a unique identity supported with references to the 719 Ride as THE FESTIVAL OF NEVER-ENDING ASCENDING on The Course That Cannot Be Defeated.

The five colored stripes on each white sleeve connect with the stripes on the collar of La Maglia 719. They represent the five laps of the signature 71.9 mile distance and play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion. They also represent you returning whence you began…five times.

The black collar links the Orange Glorious to the iconic Molteni jersey, the inspiration for the original jersey, and the signature on the right sleeve is C.O. Severo, the fictional inspiration for the 719 Ride whose initials mirror the abbreviation for Colorado Springs (COS).

The bold 719 declares that this ride is a Colorado Springs Original, while connecting to the equally bold command to RIDE that is on the back of the jersey.

The W Colorado Springs on the back of the collar makes known that the 719 Ride, and you, are one with Colorado Springs. The letter W is often used by Italians as an abbreviation for Viva! As in Viva Italia! Long live Italy! Or Viva Fausto! Forza Il Campionissimo! It’s an encouragement and declaration.