719 Ride Shorts and Bib Shorts


The 719 Ride Ascent Vector cycling shorts and bib shorts made by Pactimo extend the simple design and classic cycling style of the original 719 Ride jersey (La Maglia 719) to your difference makers. Together, they give you the perfect cycling kit.

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The five colored stripes play off the rainbow stripes of a world champion, represent the five laps of the signature ride, I Cinque Giri, and echo the stripes on the collar of La Maglia 719.

The five stars on the left leg match the five stars on the left jersey sleeve and also represent the five laps you need to complete to get 71.9 miles. The stars are one of the elements connecting the kit to the national emblem of Italy, birthplace to the fictional inspiration for the ride, Colombo Ottavio Severo.

The right leg holds the 719 Ride logo and some of the FORZA you’ll need to complete the 719 Ride.

On the back of the shorts and bib shorts “For the love of COS” connects the ride to Colorado Springs and to Ottavio.

The 719 Ride shorts and bib shorts are from Pactimo’s Ascent (Pro Level) Collection. They come with a “standard” inseam length rather than the longer European length.