719 Ride Polka Dot Jersey — Primal Version


Recognizing the strength, determination and audacity of the best climber in the Tour de France, polka dots are synonymous with elevation gain, suffering and accomplishment in cycling.

Inspired by le maillot à pois (the polka dot jersey) the iconic polka dot has come to the 719 Ride to honor those who dare to be great upon The Course That Cannot Be Defeated. Of course they’re

These polka dots are offered on Primal’s standard fit Sport Cut jersey with an upgrade to their Q3 Elite fabric for a slight weight reduction and additional aesthetic appeal.

There is a limited inventory of these polka dots. If your size or style is not available from Primal, it is available from SUAREZ.

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Primarily black, like The DIY 719 Shroud of Determination, the 719 Ride Polka Dot Jersey mourns the loss of comfort and well-being forfeited by those who celebrate elevation upon The Course That Cannot Be Defeated.

The white band on the right sleeve and the two vertical stripes along the jersey zipper esteem the salinity of your noble effort and committed exertions.

The five colored stripes on the back of the jersey represent the five laps needed to complete I Cinque Giri and are the highway translating your mind’s desire into directives for your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

The initials on the right sleeve (O.S.) remember Ottavio Severo, the fictional inspiration behind the 719 Ride, and unite i tuoi pois, your polka dots, with La Maglia 719.