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719 Ride: The Namesake

A high-octane cycling playlist to elevate your cadence, drive the pace and maintain the gap.

Nearly 4 1/2 hours long, 719 Ride: The Namesake is a grand tour of tuneage covering more than 60 years of music. Its palmarès is 71 songs strong and boasts monuments of classic rock, several stages and decades of alternative rock and some modern-day classics and classic hopefuls.

Route Without end

A challenge and throwdown from The Course That Cannot Be Defeated.

Route Without End is 25 songs and 82 minutes of braggadocio to get your ire and fight up. It's stimulating, scintillating and sharply whets your appetite for the mid-summer course to be served.

Pair it with one of our custom workouts for Zwift and enjoy the tastiest indoor training experience.

Hello Riders.

I'd like to say a few words to you through a playlist I created. I hope you find the sequence of songs and their highlighted lyrics clever, satisfying and motivating. Please know, I mean what I say. See you in July." — The Course That Cannot Be Defeated

  • Let's Get It Started - Måneskin

    In this context, there's no disrespect. Just get into it, and get it started. Let's get it started now. Let's get it started here.

  • My Name Is - Once Monsters

    I'm gonna sit back and watch my flag ascend. I won't talk myself up. I don't need to pretend. You won't see me coming 'til it's too late again. I'm gonna sit back and watch my flag ascend.

    My name is thunder and lightning. My name is something very frightening. My name is adrenaline. Exciting! So get outta my way now. I'm takin [you] way down. I'm shaking the whole ground. I'm a whole 'nother level.

    Oh, I don't know about you, no. Oh, I don't know about you, but Me I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm better, You spell my name in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Street Fight - Adam Jensen

    I'm a soldier, I'm a fighter. Take a step back, I'm on fire. Nothing's gonna kill me. Nothing's gonna stand in my way. Try to break me, but I can't break. I'm a bad dream, and you can't wake. Nothing's gonna kill me. Nothing's gonna stand in my way. [I'm] ready for a street fight.

  • The Best - Future Royalty

    Yeah, me I don't settle. Just pedal the metal. That look in my eye, like I'm 'bout to fly. My enemies tremble. So, get outta my way now. I'm takin [you] way down. I'm shaking the whole ground. I'm a whole 'nother level.

    Me, I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm better. You spell my name in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

    My Mama said I always was a go getter. Won't settle for second rate. No, I want better. Best, best, best. Gimme the best, best, best. Don't want the rest, rest, rest. Gimme the best, best, best.

  • Cutthroat - Imagine Dragons

    I'm so misunderstood, but I live for this. My money's good and I came to win. So step on up, and I promise you...Only one of us gon' make it out alive, and IT'S NOT YOU!

  • This Is It - Oh The Larceny

    This day is gonna be the greatest memory. Making history. Let's go!

    You don't need no luck with that golden touch. Time to light it up. Let's go! Get ready for it! THIS IS IT!

  • Made for This - The Phantoms

    You're gonna find out you can't hold me down. See I'm the king 'cause I got that crown. Oh, you can try your best to step in my ring. Oh, but I'll just knock you dead like it wasn't a thing.

    I'm gonna push [you] harder, gonna climb up higher. It's like I just can't miss, I was made for this. I show the world I'm stronger, prove it to 'em I'm a fighter. I can't help but win, I was made for this.

  • Enemy - Imagine Dragons

    Oh the misery. Everybody wants to be my enemy. Spare the sympathy. Everybody wants to be My enemy. Look out for yourself!

  • Legends Are Made - Sam Tinnesz

    I've got that lightnin' inside me. I'm like a titan that's risin'. Oh, just you watch. I'm steppin' into fate. There is no time to waste. I've got that lightnin' inside me. This is how legends are made.

  • Living Legend - Club Danger

    I’m on fire. I’m hot to the touch. Strike like a match I’m burning up. I’m on fire.

    No you can’t get enough. Oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh. So wired. Lightning in my veins. Cranking it up cause I like the pain. I’m on fire.

    I was made, made to win. Look out I’m going in. I’m a living legend.

    Turn me loose. Let me do what I do. I’m a living legend. I’m a living legend.

    I’m a fighter. Victory in my blood. King of the ring, no I can’t be touched. I’m a fighter. I’m first to the punch. Knockin’ ‘em out. Takin’ ‘em down. I was made, made, made to win. The best that’s ever been. I’m a living legend!

  • Centuries - Fall Out Boy

    Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold, but you will remember me, remember me for centuries. And just one mistake is all it will take, [you'll] go down in history. Remember me for centuries.

  • Sharks - Imagine Dragons

    Trouble. Blood is in the rocky waters. Hide away your sons and daughters. Eat you alive.

    You think you're better than them, better than them. You think they're really your friends, really your friends. But when it comes to the end, to the end. You're just the same as them, same as them (ha ha ha ha ha).

    [I'm] comin' to get you. (Chick, chicka) Woo, woo. [I'm] comin' to get you, get you. (Chicka) Woo.

  • Enemies - The Score

    Goodbye to my enemies, to my enemies. They try to beat me but I won't surrender.

    I won't go quietly into the night 'cause I believe underneath I won't ever lose composure.
    No defeat, won't retreat, hold the line until it's over.

    Reaching for my destiny, goodbye to my enemies, fight 'til the end of me, 'til the end of me.

  • Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons

    I love the adrenaline in my veins. I do whatever it takes 'cause I love how it feels when I break the chains. Whatever it takes. Yeah, take me to the top, I'm ready for whatever it takes. 'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins, I do what it takes.

  • Can't Stop Me Now - Oh The Larceny

    I ain't gonna tell no lies, I ain't gonna apologize. You can see this is where I stand. You know exactly who I am, taking everything I want.

    Can't stop me now. Can't stop me now. I'm just doin' what I do, won't stop doin' what I do. Ain't backin' down. Can't stop me now.

  • Unstoppable - Sia

    I put my armor on, show you how strong I am. I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am, I'm unstoppable. I'm a Porsche with no brakes. I'm invincible, Yeah, I win every single game. I'm so powerful. I don't need batteries to play. I'm so confident. Yeah, I'm unstoppable today.

  • Walk - Saint Chaos

    The day that I quit is the day I expire. Woah-oh-oh, I gotta keep moving on, gotta keep moving on, oh-oh.

    I'm shaking the dirt from my bones. All I gotta do is walk. I'm fighting and I'm bleeding. I don't give up, I walk.

    My hope, my love, my reason. They guide me as I walk, like Hannibal over the mountains, I gotta keep moving, I won't stop.

    Keep on walking, watch out. Here I'm coming. Walk (walk), walk (walk). Walk (walk), walk (walk).

    Ain't no knocking me over. I keep bouncing back.

  • Victorious - 7kingZ

    I'm front and center when I enter. Takin' on all the contenders yeah. [Me] out here feelin no fear. All that matters is winnin' yeah. Legendary, I'm key in the clutch.

    I'm goin' hard core till it's no more. Leaving it all on the floor. No feelin is better than this yeah. Victorious. The feeling is glorious (buh).

    Yeah, yeah. Crown the king. Reign supreme. Yeah, yeah. It's so glorious. That's why they callin' [you] (What?) Victorious!

    Stand up, hands up, yeah, yeah! Stand up, hands up, so glorious! Victorious!

  • Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

    There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man and bring him to the ground. You can beat him, you can cheat him, you can treat him bad and leave him when he's down, but I'm ready, yes I'm ready for you. I'm standing on my own two feet. Out of the doorway the bullets rip, repeating to the sound of the beat. Another one bites the dust.

  • Natural - Imagine Dragons

    Will you hold the line when every one of them has given up and given in? Tell me. In this house of mine, nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost.

    A beating heart of stone. You gotta be so cold to make it in this world. Yeah, you're a natural. Living your life cutthroat. You gotta be so cold. Yeah, you're a natural!

  • Stronger - The Score

    I'm still alive. I'm still a- I'm still alive, whoa. Bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life higher, faster, everlasting. Bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life higher, faster, never-crashing. Bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life stronger. (Stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger). Bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life.

  • It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over - Lenny Kravitz

    Here we are, still together, we are one. So much time, wasted, playing games with love. So many tears I've cried, so much pain inside, but baby, it ain't over 'til it's over.

  • You Make Me - Avicii

    We are one. One for sure. All united. You'll need no more. Oh-oh-oh-oh. You make me. Oh-oh-oh-oh. All my life, I've been, I've been waiting for someone like you, yeah. All my life, I've been, I've been waiting for someone like you, yeah.

  • Celebration - Kool & the Gang

    There's a party goin' on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your good times and your laughter too. [I'm] gonna celebrate your party with you. Come on now, celebration. Let's all celebrate and have a good time.

  • Mambo Italiano - Patrizio Buanne

    Hey mambo, mambo Italiano. Hey mambo, mambo Italiano. Go go go you mixed up Siciliano. All you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy.


Cycling is suffering. Fausto Coppi, Il Campionissimo, said so.

And this playlist of dirges, misery, melancholy and musical moodiness is perfect for the cyclist that doesn't want to ignore the pain but finds strength in leaning into the donkey work.


A bicycle exalts its rider, and a bike ride emancipates the soul, calling to the hero inside.

Eroica is a 16-song, 53-minute playlist of swiftness, scrappiness and siren-song struggle to invigorate the heart and make heroes legends.

“Sing to me of the hero, Muse, the hero of sweat and fatigue. Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now, in the heat of July and the hills of Colorado Springs. There is no finer, greater gift than the 719 Ride” — Ottavio Severo

The Fifth Lap

Five laps of The Course That Cannot Be Defeated gives cyclists a ruthless tour of repetition, and 45% of 719 Ride participants complete fewer than five laps.

The Fifth Lap cycling playlist presents 29 songs and 106 minutes of gas in your tank musical strains to keep you going when your legs get thick, your chain skips and your tires start to stick. Now, GET STUCK IN!

Inspired Now? Ready to Ride?

All of our ride and route options are 100% worth doing. They are The Door to Personal Excellence and The Yardstick of Quality. They also come with complimentary pain, difficulty, glory and lots of personality.

A Colorado Springs Original

First conceived and ridden in 2016, the 719 Ride aspires to be a bicycle event that contributes to the culture and community of Colorado Springs. FORZA Colorado Springs!

Riding in the draft of many great and long-established Colorado cycling events, this Colorado Springs Original hopes to become a positive part of the Colorado Springs tradition and identity while celebrating the tradition, lore and culture of cycling and helping set the pace for cycling fun in the Rocky Mountain region.

The 719 Ride is the official cycling event of the Rocky Mountain State Games and is an official partner event in the 2024 Suarez Gran Fondo National Series and 2024 Gran Fondo World Tour.

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