About the Triple Bypass

and the 719 Ride

The Triple Bypass is July 11, 2020

You can reach the official Triple Bypass website by clicking on any one of the heart map marker or mountain pass icons below.

But if you keep reading, we'll introduce you to the Triple Bypass presented by Team Evergreen Cycling and another ride, the 719 Ride.

The Triple Bypass and the 719 Ride are similar rides in that they both offer a lot of elevation gain. The rides typically occur a week or two apart, so you either have a great training ride in preparation for the Infernal 719 or you have a great post-Triple Bypass recovery ride. However you look at it, your legs will look ripped.

The Skinny on the Triple Bypass & the 719 Ride

yellow heart map marker iconThe Triple Bypass, presented by Team Evergreen Cycling, is one of the "premier bicycle rides in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains" and is recognized as "one of the premier cycling events in the nation."

The Triple Bypass occurs on the first or second weekend in July depending on when the Fourth of July falls. The 719 Ride is always held on July 19, regardless of which day of the week that is.

The Triple Bypass is a cycling event "For Those Who Dare." And the 719 Ride is a bicycle event for those who dare to do lap after lap of the same climbing loop in Colorado Springs.

Two laps of the 14 mile 719 course is the Déjà Vu 719, four laps is the Groundhog 719 and five laps is the signature 719 Ride (I Cinque Giri).

Registration for the Triple Bypass opens in early January each year, and the entry fee includes a "Triple Bypass jersey, schwag bag, food, energy/hydration drinks and water at Aid Stations; catered finish line meal; all road law enforcement, SAG support, medical support and mechanical support at stations along the route."

Participation in the Triple Bypass is limited to ensure a safer event, and event routinely sells out. That has not yet been an issue with the 719 Ride. In 2019, the 719 Ride welcomed and wore down 25 people.

The 719 Ride doesn’t have an entry fee, and it’s not a charity ride. However, donating $7.19 (or more) to a Colorado Springs charity on the occasion of the 719 Ride is considered pretty cool.

Team Evergreen Cycling, a not-for-profit organization itself, supports "over 50-non-profit organizations from the proceeds of the Triple Bypass."

yellow mountain iconThe Triple Bypass attracts a special type of cyclist — those who dare to ride "120 miles from Evergreen (Bergen Park) to Avon over Juniper Pass (11,140 ft.), Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.), Swan Mountain and Vail Pass (10,560 ft.), with over 10,000 ft. of challenging elevation gain!"

The 719 Ride sings to the same soul. Mile for mile the 719 Ride is as challenging as any organized ride in Colorado. The 719 Ride Century offers 13,000' of elevation gain in 100 miles.

The Triple Bypass, Colorado’s epic cycling experience, offers two other ride options: the original ride in the opposite direction on the following day and the Double Triple Bypass. "The Double Triple is the ultimate bicycle ride challenge, traveling 240 miles with 20,000’ of climbing over the course of the weekend."

The Himalayan 719, 14 mind-numbing laps of the 14 mile course, serves up 200 miles and 25,000’ of elevation gain in the same day.

yellow heart map marker iconNow that you know what you need to know about the Triple Bypass, have a great “heart-pounding experience.” AND come out and ride the 719 on July 19. Enjoy the heartbeat profile of our loop course and call it recovery.

The 719 Ride is a FREE word-of-mouth, grassroots, self-supported group bike ride. There is no catered finish line meal at the 719 Ride; there’s just you, on the leading edge of greatness in Colorado Springs. Just show up and ride.

The 719 Ride is a young ride looking for riders. First conceived and ridden in 2016, the aspirational side of the 719 Ride is to create a bicycle event that contributes to the culture, community and multi-layered identity developing in Colorado Springs. The 719 Ride hopes to ride in the draft of the many existing and long-established Colorado cycling events and become a positive part of the Colorado Springs tradition and identity.

If you are only going to do one bike event this year,

Then I urge you to participate in the 719 Ride on the west side of Colorado Springs. It has miles and miles of climbing the same loop over and over again. A total brain meltdown is required to go the distance. The experience is absolutely stunning, and I recommend it 100%.

- Ottavio Severo

Quoted text is taken from triplebypass.org.

The photo of Loveland Pass courtesy of Prizmatic on Flickr.
The yellow heart map marker icon courtesy of Nikita Kozinl from the Noun Project.
The yellow mountain icon courtesy of Franco Mateo from the Noun Project.